Using ESEM to analyze the microscopic property of basalt fiber reinforced asphalt concrete

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Using ESEM to analyze the microscopic property of basalt fiber reinforced asphalt concrete

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The basalt fiber staggered distribution  in the asphalt concrete matrix and the bonding situation between asphalt are analyzed by images collected using field emission environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM) test equipment. The results show that bonding of the fiber and the asphalt binder is very good and there is a strong binding force of chemical bonding connections between the two; the lipophilicity of basalt fiber is very good, the wrapped cover ability of asphalt for fiber is very strong; basalt fiber forms the local space network structure in the asphalt concrete matrix, effectively overcome the relative slip between the particles, connect the damaged parts into a whole; basalt fiber across internal micropores, and the internal defects in material can be remedied. At the same time, crack resis- tance mechanism of the fiber to internal micro cracks is qualitatively explained according to the magnitude of the stress intensity factor K f .

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  1. Introduction

Microstructure of asphalt mixture is very important to its performance which is studied by the domestic and over- seas scholars. Although the importance of the asphalt mix- ture microstructure has been realized  in the  SHRP [1] program, it does not provide a detailed measurement and evaluation methodology of the microstructure of the asphalt mixture. In virtue of the digital image processing technology and CCD camera, Zhong Q.Y., etc [2]. has shot the internal structure of asphalt mixture specimen, and the shape, orientation and spatial distribution  of coarse aggre-

gate were quantitatively  researched. Through  CT scan of the internal structure of specimen which has been gyratory compaction and kneading compaction, Masad E, etc [3]. found that the shape of internal void is affected by different molding methods. Kwan A.K., etc [4]. proposed a method that the three-dimensional gradation of aggregate could be studied by two-dimension digital image. Wang L.B., etc [5]. has put forward that the X-ray CT image could be used to reconstruct the three-dimensional distribution  of asphalt mixture.  Masad E., etc  [۶]. has provided  a validation method that the X-ray CT digital  image processing tech- nology could be used to judge if the skeleton of internal aggregate of asphalt mixture is formed. The research on the microstructure  of asphalt mixture is also carried out in China. Such as Zhang Qianna in Tongji University, Li Zhi in South China University of Technology, Chen J S in Taiwan University,  etc. has studied the internal structure The current research on the microstructure  of asphalt mixture is based on the not high-resolution digital imaging and CT scanning technology, for fiber which the diameter is in lm, the above testing instrument is not applied. The research of the micro mechanism, asphalt concrete which is reinforced by fiber, is mostly confined by the interaction of fiber and asphalt. Usually  use infrared spectroscopy to determine whether a new substance is appeared in the inter- face of fibers and asphalt mortar, that is to verify whether it is physical connection chemical connection; by scanning electron microscopy to view the microscopic  distribution of fibers in asphalt  morphology.  However,  whether the fiber is pulled out or broke up during the destruction of asphalt concrete matrix is not observed visualized, and at present, the micro analysis experiments are not related to the influence of fiber on constraint on the internal defects of asphalt concrete and the blocking  of the micro cracks in asphalt concrete matrix. Therefore, it is very meaningful to study the actual state of the fiber in asphalt concrete matrix and the connection status of the micro injury part of the fiber in the matrix after cracking by means of visual micro analysis.

Compared with other homogeneous   material and hydraulic binding material, asphalt mixture has relatively loose structure and obvious characteristics of particles, so the internal of the material will exist obvious macroscopic defects and structural defects, macroscopic defects such as holes, cracks, structural defects such as dislocation,  phase boundary.  Fracture   mechanics  considers  [۱,۲] that the external force acts on the material and makes it destroyed, in essence, it is the rapid expansion of the internal cracks of the material which reduces internal effective load bearing area, eventually  leads to fracture. So in this paper, by means of microscopic  analysis which is to compare  the internal microscopic structure between   conventional asphalt concrete and basalt fiber asphalt concrete, verify the addition  of fiber will form an effective space network structure in the asphalt concrete internal, connect the inter- nal micro cracks and holes, play a role in crack resistance and enhance the interface effect between the asphalt, which makes  the  increase  of effective bearing  area inside  the asphalt concrete.

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