Stress-dependent behavior of marine clay admixed with fly-ash-blended cement

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Stress-dependent behavior of marine clay admixed with fly-ash-blended cement

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To investigate the stress-dependent behavior of fly-ash blended cement (FAC)-admixed  marine clay, isotropic consolidated drained (CID)  triaxial  tests were performed  in the confining  pressure range of 50–۳۵۰ kPa. Stress dilatancy was observed when the confining pres- sure was in the lowest range of 50–۱۰۰ kPa. The peak strength increased linearly  with increasing confining  pressure; this linear relation- ship was described by the following equation: pp = 1.7r3 + ۵۸۱ kPa, wherein pp is the peak strength and r3 is the confining pressure. In the CID tests, failure modes of specimens were similar under different confining pressures. From  the Mohr circles, it was found that the angle of shearing resistance was 52.8   and the cohesion  intercept was 230.5 kPa. When the confining  pressure was lower than the primary yield stress, some variation  in the secant modulus were observed. However, the secant modulus tends to increase when the confining pressure exceeds the primary yield stress.

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  1. Introduction

Soil stabilization  agents, such as cement or lime have been conventionally   used in pavement  engineering  and ground improvement [1–۳]. Fly ash is classified as a toxic waste  because  it contains  leachable  heavy metals  and highly toxic organic substances, such as dioxins and furans [4]. In the past decade, several research studies have been conducted to identify economical and sustainable materials that can be combined with waste materials, such as fly ash; they would be  then used in construction  projects  as areplacement for cement  [۵–۹]. To investigate  the effect of fly ash on strength development of cement clay admixture, micro- and macro-observations  were taken into account [10,11].  Horpibulsuk   et al. [4,12] performed   unconfined compressive  tests  and thermal  gravimetric  analysis  to determine strength properties  of fly ash cement (FAC)- admixed clay. Strength development assessment and expla- nation of hydration  were conducted based on microstruc- ture investigation  and experimental  data analysis [4]. Unconfined compressive tests and thermogravimetric  anal- ysis were conducted to evaluate the effect of fly ash and bio- mass ash as substitute Portland  cement on the strength development of blended cement admixed saline clay [12]. Neramitkornburi  et al. [7] have determined  various  engi- neering properties of FAC-admixed clay, including unit weight, flow, and strength. The lightweight cellular cement

was adopted and factors  such as water content, cement content,   air  content and fly  ash replacement   were investigated.

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