Seismic vulnerability assessment of an Italian historical masonry dry dock

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Seismic vulnerability assessment of an Italian historical masonry dry dock

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Seismic vulnerability assessment of an Italian historical masonry dry dock


The paper presents the seismic vulnerability analysis of the military dry dock built in 1861 inside the Messina’s harbor. The study appears very important not only for the relevance of the dry dock itself, but also for its social, military and symbolic role. As a first step, the histor- ical documentation about the dry dock delivered by the Military Technical Office, in charge of its maintenance, was thoroughly examined. This activity was fundamental to understand the construction methods, the rehabilitation works executed after the severe earthquake of 1908 and, finally, the works carried out to increase the size of the dry dock in 1950. After this first step, numerical seismic analyses were done with some implemented finite element models (FEM) of the structure. In each FEM, the vertical loads were applied according to the “construction stages” analysis technique, in order to achieve an appropriate representation of the soil  stresses around the structure. The  analysis results were evaluated according to the Italian design code (NTC 2008) in  order to determine the seismic vulnerability of the dry dock.

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  1. Introduction

The dry dock studied in this paper is a part of the Navy dockyard in Messina (Sicily island, Italy). The arsenal is composed of a few complex buildings and plants devoted to construction, maintenance and repairing works of Navy vessels, including all the owned weapons and equipment. The arsenal includes all sorts of workshops, experimental laboratories, warehouses and administrative-management offices. The former idea to build an arsenal in Messina can  be attributed to the Arab dominion in Sicily.

Since  the sixteenth century, historians, writers, chroniclers and scholars of Messina have always taken for granted that Messina had a large arsenal, really defined “the most  important in the Mediterranean”. That  was justified by many resources of city’s history: the city had a strong seafaring and commercial vocation and it was in the center of the main maritime trade for a couple of millennia being a compulsory transit point on the busiest routes.

The dry  dock located inside the Messina’s arsenal is a gravity type one; it is called “Masonry basin” and nowadays it is used by the “Agenzia  Industrie Difesa Militare”. According to the chronicles, it was built with many difficulties. A campaign of surveys carried out in 2003 revealed a stratigraphic sequence of unusual heterogeneous materials in the quoin of the internal dock maybe in order to counter water and slime infiltration emerged during the excavation.

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