Purification, application and current market trend of natural graphite: A review

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Purification, application and current market trend of natural graphite: A review

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Purification, application and current market trend of natural graphite: A review


Graphite has a stacked planar sp2-hybridized C6  ring structure, displaying a polymorphism with rhombo- hedral, hexagonal, and turbostratic. Based on  its  structure-property relationship, it affords a variety of technologically innovative applications or performances in industries, such as lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells, two dimensional graphene, water  purification, electronics, fiber optics, spintronics, refractories, electrical products, electric vehicles, etc.  The  monetary value of graphite depends largely on  carbon con- tent and flake size. However, the physical separation of graphite from its  ore  body is known to be  very expensive, energy intensive  and time-consuming.  Hence, this  study extensively describes a  current purification method for  producing high-quality graphite material with impurities reaching about 10–

۱۰۰ mg/kg, attracting a lot  of end users. It also describes the potential applications of graphite materials and identifies the future scope of a new market, depending on  material purity. Finally, the current and future graphite-mining countries are  investigated in  details.

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  1. Introduction

Graphite is a mineral exclusively composed of sp2pz hybridized carbon atoms with p-electrons, which is  found in  metamorphic and igneous rocks [1].  It is an  extremely soft  slice  and has  a very

low  specific gravity [2,3].  Graphite is  a  good   conductor of  heat and electricity [4,5]  and has  a high regular stiffness and strength. Graphite (plumbago) can  sustain its  firmness and strength up  to temperature more than 3600  C [2]. It is a highly lubricating mate- rial  with chemical inertness and corrosion resistance [6,7].  These special properties afford a variety of applications. In general, gra- phite is classified as natural and synthetic. Natural graphite is fur- ther classified into three principal types [8,9],   crystalline small flake  graphite (or flake  graphite), crystalline vein  or lump graphite, and amorphous graphite (very fine  flake  graphite), which have dif- ferent physical properties, appearance, chemical composition, and impurities [2], originating from the type of precursor materials as well  as the process of graphite formation. Tables 1 and 2 summa- rizes the  origin, property, and application of  graphite [10–۱۲]. Graphite-bearing ore  is  found in  different parts of  the continent

with various ore  grade and type  [۱۳,۱۴]. According to  the USA and EU governments, graphite is considered a critical material for both industry and national security.

The demand for graphite is expected to increase approximately by 4% in the coming years. In industries, the biggest consumers of flake   graphite are   refractory  companies, because flake   graphite improves the resistance of  refractory materials toward heat and erosion. In 2015–۲۰۱۶, the total graphite production in the world was   about 2.5   million tons. During this particular period, the major-production countries were China  (۶۶%), India (14%), Brazil (7%), Turkey (3%), Canada (3%) and North Korea  (۳%). Globally, nat- ural graphite has  been used for electrodes (34%), refractories (20%), lubricants (6%), foundries (5%), batteries (4%), graphite shapes (4%), recarburizing (1%), and others (24%). According to  the forecast of natural graphite, the rapid growth of the demand per  tones will continue [15].

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