Post-installed reinforcing bars – Requirements for their reliable use

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Post-installed reinforcing bars – Requirements for their reliable use

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Post-installed reinforcing bars – Requirements for their reliable use


Post-installed steel reinforcing bar connections carried out with anchoring mortars sufficiently qualified to fulfill the  requirements for safety,  serviceability, and  durability of concrete structures are  capable of developing bond behavior equivalent to cast-in-place steel  reinforcing bars.  Therefore, their  design  can be performed according to reinforced concrete design  provisions. Post-installed anchorage technology offers fast and  convenient solution to introduce new  reinforcement in  an  existing reinforced concrete (RC)  structural system,   and  hence serves  as effective method for strengthening and  upgrade of existing structures. The  behavior of post-installed reinforce- ment  depends on the  existing condition of the  concrete member. This paper addresses the  aspects  related to base material, installation, environment, and load conditions in service. This paper also comments on the qualification of anchoring mortars and  provides information on the  design  of post-installed reinforcing bars  as reinforcement (RC  design   perspective) or  as  anchorage (adhesive anchor design   perspective) in  the  light  of  corresponding provisions necessary to  achieve the  same  safety  level  in  service   compared to  connections with  cast-in   steel

reinforcing bars.

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  1. Introduction

Post-installed   reinforcing   bar   connections   are   an   increasingly important structural element in  repair  or  upgrading construction and gaining increasing popularity. They are a reliable  and economical means to strengthen or extend  existing  reinforced concrete structures with  the same performance characteristics comparable to cast-in reinforcing bars under  the  assumption that  anchoring mortars and  reinforcing bars  are selected,  designed, and  installed by appropriately qualified and  experi- enced  personnel.

The connections between existing and new construction are made by installing  deformed reinforcing bars in boreholes drilled  using diamond or hammer drilling in the existing RC structure. The connection between the  deformed reinforcing bar  and  existing  concrete is realized  through bonding   using  a  qualified anchoring mortar. Then  the  new  concrete member   is  cast.  Typical  applications include  lap  splice  with  existing reinforcement or anchorage of the reinforcement in a slab or foundation (Fig. 1, Fig. 2).

To simplify the installation of post-installed reinforcing bar connec- tions and to avoid improper installations, manufacturers of organic anchoring mortar  injection systems provide  product dependent installa- tion kits prepacked in boxes containing all equipment necessary  to clean the borehole and inject the anchoring mortar  properly (Fig. 3a). Hammer drilled holes can be created to a depth of about 2 m by means of drill bits especially    designed    for   post-installed   reinforcing   bar   applications (Fig. 3b).

Fig. 4 shows the example of the anchoring mortar  injection operation used to extend  a wall with post–installed reinforcing bars.

Proper  post-installed  reinforcing  bar  connections require  that  the designer has  good  knowledge of  the  characteristics of  the  anchoring mortar  relative  to the  load  and  environmental conditions in service  as well as during  the  on-site  installation process.  The performance of the anchoring mortar  should  have been confirmed prior  to field application by a qualification standard using generally  accepted testing,  evaluation, and assessment provisions  referenced in a technical product specification together with the associated design  rules.

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