New approaches to cognitive work analysis through latent variable modeling in mining operations

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New approaches to cognitive work analysis through latent variable modeling in mining operations

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New approaches to cognitive work analysis through latent variable modeling in mining operations


This  paper discusses the utilization of latent variable modeling related to occupational health and safety in the mining industry. Latent variable modeling, which is a statistical model that relates observable and latent variables, could be  used to facilitate researchers’ understandings of the underlying constructs or hypothetical factors and their magnitude of  effect that constitute a  complex system. This  enhanced understanding, in turn, can  help emphasize the important factors to improve mine safety. The most com- monly used techniques include the exploratory factor analysis (EFA), the confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and the structural equation model with latent variables (SEM).  A critical comparison of the three techniques regarding mine safety is provided. Possible applications of latent variable modeling in mining engineering are  explored. In this scope, relevant research papers were reviewed. They  suggest that the application of  such methods could prove useful in  mine accident and safety research. Application of latent  variables analysis in  cognitive work analysis was proposed to improve the  understanding  of human-work relationships in  mining operations.

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  1. Introduction

Occupational health & safety is a primary concern in the mining industry. Underground mining operations  in  particular,  involve exposing workers to  detrimental working environments including airborne respirable dust, excessive amount of potentially deafening noise, narrow openings with considerable heat and humidity as well  as the possibility of rock  falls  and cave-ins. There has  been a sizable amount of experience and research works on the technical and socio-technical aspects of mine safety. However, the complex mechanisms that underlie the causal relationships of safety behav- iors  and occupational injuries are  still  not  fully  understood.  One way  to  quantitatively describe these relationships is through the analysis of the unobserved, hidden constructs, or latent variables.

This paper aims to contribute to the application of quantitative methods such as  latent variable analysis and modeling in  topics related to  mine safety as  well   as  safety science in  mining.  The paper is organized as follows. First,  a latent variable is defined, fol- lowed by  a  review of  the multivariate statistical modeling tech- niques including the exploratory factor analysis (EFA), the confirmatory  factor analysis  (CFA)  and the  structural equation model along with latent variables (SEM). A critical comparison of the three techniques is provided in reference to mine safety. Then, relevant literature in  mine safety and safety science that utilizes the techniques mentioned above is discussed. A new approach to cognitive work analysis using (CWA)  latent variables analysis is proposed.  This  approach combines the theoretical advancements in CWA with latent variables analysis to  model and measures the effects. Finally, two latent variable models are  presented that can be  used in cognitive work analysis.

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