Improving the Compressive Behavior of RC Walls Reinforced

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Improving the Compressive Behavior of RC Walls Reinforced

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Improving the Compressive Behavior of RC Walls Reinforced


This study discusses the behavior of reinforced concrete (RC) walls reinforced with different types of ferrocement composites under concentric and eccentric loading. The study incorporated experimental examination and nonlinear finite element analysis of ten RC walls with dimensions of 1000 mm in height, 1500 mm in width, and 150 mm in depth with RC footing with dimensions 1900 mm X 500 mm X 200 mm. The specimens were divided into two groups, one examined under concentric load and the other examined under eccentric load with eccentricity of

۵۰ mm. Also, the structural behavior of the tested walls was validated with numerical development of a finite element model utilizing Ansys 2019-R1 software. Expanded or glass fiber wire mesh ferrocement tested specimens under concentric and eccentric line compression loading exhibited enhanced ultimate loads compared to control specimens. Expanded steel wire mesh reinforcement increased the ductility ratio compared to glass fiber mesh reinforcement. Glass fiber wire mesh produced a higher first cracking load, serviceability load, load carrying capacity, and energy absorption compared to expanded wire mesh. Good agreement between numerical and experimental results in first cracking load, load-carrying capacity, crack pattern, and deflection was found. The agreement between the experimental load carrying capacity and non linear finite element (NLFE) ones is about 86% with coefficient of variance equals 0.003 and standard deviation of 0.06. The finite element analysis gave suitable estimation for the structural performance of nonlinear ferrocement RC walls.


ferrocement composites; compression loading; concentric load; eccentric load; RC walls; welded wire mesh; ductility index; energy absorption; Ansys 2019-R1

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Ferrocement is classified to construct thin reinforced concrete (RC) walls generally created with cement mortar reinforced with separate layers of tiny diameter wire mesh. It has been widely applied to build various element such as walls, tanks, roofs, and bridge decks [1–۹]. For reinforced concrete structures, the walls are the most important and critical element and can determine the behavior and failure mode of the structure. Recently, breakdown of RC structures has occurred because of large working loads, seismic loads, and durability challenges. The economic losses due to such failures amount to billions of dollars.

Mansur and Paramasivan [10] conducted an experimental study on box-section ferrocement columns under centric and eccentric compression loading. The main task of ferrocement in most concrete elements is to modify the cracking mechanism. By modifying the crack mechanism, it has been shown that with microcracking [11–۱۶] the cracks have a smaller width; this reduces the permeability of the concrete and improves the tensile strength. A great advantage of using

ferrocement composite reinforced concrete to reduce permeability and increase fatigue resistance is that the addition of fibers improves the toughness or load capacity. In addition, numerous studies have shown that the impact strength of concrete can also be significantly improved by adding fibers to the concrete mix.

On the other hand, many studies have been done on RC columns reinforced by ferrocement. They studied circular and square short columns reinforced with ferrocement composites and concluded that ferrocement reinforcement enhanced the columns’ load carrying capacity and ductility for centric and eccentric compression loading [17–۲۰].

Because concrete walls are important as a main element in concrete structures, there is a need to develop and investigate new materials used in wall casting to enhance the performance of concrete structures until collapse. Using innovative ferrocement composites will partly satisfy the need to enhance wall behavior under centric and eccentric loads and increase strength, ductility, and energy absorption.

Commonly, traditional procedures of improving the structures load capacity and ductility are concrete steel jacketing [21-23]. Several researchers had been studied the glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) composites [24]. Lately, Yan & Pimanmas et al., studied the axial compressive of NFRP concrete [25,26] and told that natural fiber reinforced polymer (NFRP) was very useful to the performance of confined concrete.

For PVC walls subjected to both axial and eccentric loading, the polymer enhanced the tensile strength capacity for all samples [27, 28]. This system may be used for retaining walls, shear walls and water structures walls. These walls are subjected for both axial and eccentric loading.

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