Highwall mining of thick, steeply dipping coal–a case study in geotechnical design and recovery optimization

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Highwall mining of thick, steeply dipping coal–a case study in geotechnical design and recovery optimization

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Highwall mining of thick, steeply dipping coal–a case study in geotechnical design and recovery optimization


Highwall mining of thick (up to 30.48 m)  steeply dipping (20    or more) coal  seams provides many chal- lenges, both geotechnically and operationally, as seam dips near or in excess of highwall mining machine capabilities are   encountered.  Maximizing coal   recovery while maintaining highwall stability requires innovative techniques with regard to web and barrier pillar layout, depth of penetration, and choice of mining horizon within the seam. Stability of highwall mining slopes, openings, and pillarsare typically analyzed   using  the   ARMPS-HWM program,   as   well  as   LAMODEL,  UDEC  and  Slope-W modeling. Highwall stability can  be  maintained, and highwall mining production optimized by applying design cri- teria in  creative ways, including alternating miner penetration  depths and initiating mining of  thick seams toward the bottom of  the seam. Highwall mining of  thick, steeply dipping coal  requires careful planning and execution, including close cooperation between geotechnical design engineers, the mining company, and the highwall mining contractor.  This  paper describes the application of  creative design techniques to a specific pit arrangement at the Westmoreland Kemmerer Mine, Kemmerer, Wyoming. Highwall mining was accomplished by  UGM ADDCAR Systems, LLC on  a contract basis

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  1. Introduction

Highwall mining is  a  technique for  attaining  additional coal recovery after the economic strip limit is reached in surface min- ing. It involves remote deployment of a continuous miner in open- ings  beneath the final  highwall, with no  personnel entry. Many candidate areas for highwall mining have thick and steeply dipping seams.  Mining  down  dip   presents  challenges  related  to   the machine’s maximum pulling capacity, traction of the cutting head, and material conveying, all of which limit penetration depth. Max- imum penetration is  greater for  flatter slopes and decreases for slopes nearing the threshold of the maximum machine operating angle. Most highwall mining operations  are   relatively flat  with slight undulations within the seam; therefore, the highwall mining pillar design criteria applies fairly equally to  the entire mining area. However, in  steeply dipping deposits, design criteria based on  higher overburden loads at the far  end of the penetration are excessively conservative for the shallower portions of the openings near the highwall.

Thick seams allow for more flexibility when designing for max- imum recovery. Holes can  be  angled across the seam dip,  thereby

reducing the gradient of  the openings and increasing the maxi- mum penetration. Multiple passes from the same hole can increase the mining height as  long   as  they remain aligned and do  not encroach into the web pillars. If the seam is thick enough, multiple penetrations can  be  made in  different elevations while leaving a sill  pillar between  the  excavations. These down dip   operations are  susceptible to  water inflow, both from underground and sur- face  sources, requiring pumping and/or other control measures.

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