Freezing on demand: A new concept for mine safety and energy savings in wet underground mines

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Freezing on demand: A new concept for mine safety and energy savings in wet underground mines

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Freezing on demand: A new concept for mine safety and energy savings in wet underground mines


The artificial ground freezing (AGF) systems are  designed to operate continuously for an  extended period of time to control the groundwater seepage and to strengthen the groundwater structure surrounding excavation areas. This  mode of operation requires a massive amount of energy to sustain the thickness of the frozen body. Therefore, it is of great interest to propose new concepts to reduce energy consump- tion while providing sufficient structural stability and safe operation. This paper discusses the principle of the freezing on  demand (FoD)  by  means of  experiment and mathematical model. A lab-scale rig  that mimics the AGF process is conceived and developed. The  setup is equipped with more than 80  thermo- couples, flow-meters, and advanced instrumentation system to analyze the performance of the AGF pro- cess under the FoD concept. A mathematical model has been derived, validated, and utilized to simulate the transient FoD concept. The results suggest that the overall energy saving notably depends on the cool- ant’s temperature; the energy saving increases while decreasing the coolant inlet temperature. Moreover, applying the FoD concept in  an  AGF system leads to a significant drop in  energy consumption.

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  1. Introduction

The  artificial ground freezing (AGF) is an  old  technique devel- oped by the engineer Friedrich Poetsch in 1883 to  construct 50 m deep shafts in saturated water soils  [۱]. Since  then, the technology of AGF was  used in  multiple civil  and mining applications [2].  In civil operations, AGF technologies are  primarily used to strengthen ground structure and prevent water seepage towards underground construction sites such as  underground  tunnels  [۳–۵]. Regarding mining applications, the increase of mining deposits depth along with  the  wet  ground instability complicates the  mining shaft construction  and  raises  safety  issues  [۶–۹]. Therefore, utilizing AGF techniques is an  effective measure to  strengthen and solidify the wet ground near mining construction areas.

The main principle of AGF technology is to extract heat from the ground by circulating sub-freeze liquids through network of pipes. As  a  result, temperature  of  ground  decreases  to   a  sub-freeze temperature freezing the water content of  soil.  The  structure  of the bulk ice-sand mixture increases ground stability and prevents water seepage through the ground. In addition to AGF technologies,

some of the most common geotechnical methods to support under- ground structures are  cement and chemical grouting [10–۱۳]. In grouting processes, the ground is filled  with dense fluid  in order to reinforce grounds structure. As compared to other geotechnical sup- port methods, the major aspects of AGF systems are the compatibil- ity of the AGF techniques, the small effects on the ground’s structure, and the low impact on the environment [14–۱۶]. On the other hand, one  of the major drawbacks of AGF systems is the intensive energy required  to   continuously  sub   freeze  and  pump  coolant  fluids towards the ground [17].

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