Fire behaviour of gypsum plasterboard wall assemblies

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Fire behaviour of gypsum plasterboard wall assemblies


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Fire behaviour of gypsum plasterboard wall assemblies


Gypsum “dehydration” phenomena, occurring when gypsum plasterboard wall assemblies are exposed to a high temperature environment, result in  water vapour production and subsequent dispersion in  the fire compartment; these phenomena are often neglected in relevant  Computational  Fluid Dynamics (CFD)  simulations.  Aiming to investigate the impact of  gypsum dehydration  in   full-scale  CFD  simulations  of  lightweight  drywall buildings, the FDS code is used to simulate a two-storey residential building, exposed to a typical domestic fire scenario. The building employs a structural steel frame combined with gypsum plasterboard wall assemblies. Temperature-dependent thermo-physical proper- ties are used for all construction materials. The effects of gypsum dehydration are assessed by using two alternative modelling approaches, an effective specific heat model and a solid reaction kinetics model; the obtained predictions are compared to a benchmark test case, where no  such phenomena are modelled. The obtained results demonstrate that when the highly endothermic gypsum dehydration phenomena are simulated, lower overall heat release rates, gas  and wall surface temperatures are predicted. In addition, the developed solid reaction kinetics model allows, for the first time, quantitative predictions of gypsum dehydration induced water vapour production and dispersion phenomena.

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  1. Fire safety legislation, aiming to reduce fire-related hazards, has  a major impact on the overall design of buildings with regard to layout, aesthetics, function and cost. Historically, building fire safety has  been regulated using “prescriptive-based” codes and standards;  however,  prescriptive  codes have become complex, exhibiting small or  no   flexibility  towards innovative solutions and cost-effective designs. As a result, there is an  ever-increasing worldwide trend of implementing “performance-based” codes, which offer  a range of advantages over the traditional prescriptive-based approach [1].  The implementation of performance-based codes requires the use  of advanced computational tools, capable of describing in sufficient detail the overall fire  behaviour,  taking into account the large number of  physical and chemical phenomena occurring in a compartment fire,  e.g. fire  initiation, spreading and decay, combustion chemical kinetics, turbulent flow of gaseous products and smoke, conductive, convective and radiative heat transfer to the structure [2]. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) codes are  currently used in a wide field of applications related to building fire  safety, including numerical


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