Effects of coal seam dip angle on the outburst in coal roadway excavation

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Effects of coal seam dip angle on the outburst in coal roadway excavation

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Effects of coal seam dip angle on the outburst in coal roadway excavation



The prevention and forecast of coal  and gas  outburst has always been one of the key  issues in coal  mining safety. By simulating the process of tunneling in coal  seam with different dip  angle through FLAC3D soft- ware, the dangerous zone in which outburst may occur and the probability of outburst near the working face  were predicted through the distribution of stress, displacement and plastic zone. Then we  discussed the size  of unstable area in the surrounding rock through the distribution of stress and the variation curve of the displacement on  the roadway wall. The  results show that, with an  increase of the coal  seam dip angle, the risk  of outburst in the working face  rises gradually. And the dangerous areas in which may out- burst occur moves to the upper part of  coal  seam. The  size  of  unstable area in  the surrounding rock increases with the increase of coal  seam dip  angle

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Every   coal   mine  accident  may  cause  a   large  number   of casualties, property losses and environmental damage, in  which coal  and gas  outburst is the most serious one  [۱–۳]. And  with the continuous increase of mining depth in  coal  mines, the threat of coal  and gas  outburst accidents becomes more and more serious [4–۶]. So  the prevention and forecast of  coal   and gas  outburst has  always been one  of the key  issues in coal  safety.

Many experts had done a lot  of research on  it, Ou  et al. [7–۹] studied the instability mechanism of gas  outburst; Du  et al.  [۱۰] analyzed the variation correlation between prediction index of coal and gas  outburst and tunneling speed; Zhang et al. [11]  believed that engineering factors play  a  leading role  in  coal  and gas  out- burst. However, coal  and gas  outburst is extremely difficult to  be predicted and prevented [12,13]. The  mechanism of coal  and gas outburst has  not  been found fully  up  to  now [14–۱۶].

In order to  predict and prevent gas  outburst, Liu et al. [17–۲۰] put forward suggestions on  gas  outburst from safety supervision, work  management  and  other  aspects.  Researches show  that hydraulic technologies, such as hydraulic fracturing [21–۲۳], coalflooding [1,24–۲۷], hydraulic cutting [28–۳۰], hydraulic punching [31–۳۳],  can  be  used to  reduce the risk  of coal  and gas outburst.  Wang  et  al.   [۳۴]    established  the  electromagnetic

radiation warning criteria for  coal  and gas  outbursts. Jiang  et al. [35]  proposed a real-time monitoring and early warning method for coal  and gas  outburst.

As a  powerful numerical simulation software, FLAC3D is  very suitable for  large-scale numerical simulation. Shu  et al. [36]  used FLAC3D to  calculate and analyze the distribution characteristics of  mining stress and failure zone of  working face  under various conditions, then  the  main  controlling factors  and  influencing mechanism of  outburst danger in  coal  driving are  studied.  Guo et al. [37]  used FLAC3D to  compare and analyze the deformation law   of  surrounding rock   under different support schemes, and chose the best support mode for  different coal   mine.  Through numerical simulation, Li et al. [38,39] studied the influence of in- situ stress and roadway layout on  the coal  seam gas  extraction and the mechanical characteristics of  roadway. Yang  [۴۰]  estab- lished a  stope spatial distribution model and a safe  and efficient mining model for  coal  seams with FLAC3D. And  then he  solved the  technical problems of  pressure  relief gas   control in  close- distance and long-distance coal  seam group.

All the above studies can explain the mechanism of gas outburst from some aspects, and reduce the risk  of gas outburst to a certain extent. But  there are  few  studies on  the effect of  coal  seam dip angle on  gas  outburst.

In order to  solve these problems, it is necessary to  explore the effect of coal  seam dip  angle on gas  outburst. The objective of this work was   to  quantitatively evaluate the effect of  coal  seam dip angle on  gas  outburst through FLAC3D numerical simulation.

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