Current research into the use of supercritical CO2 technology in shale gas exploitation

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Current research into the use of supercritical CO2 technology in shale gas exploitation

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Current research into the use of supercritical CO2 technology in shale gas exploitation


The  use of supercritical CO2  for  shale gas  extraction is a promising new technology. This  paper explores current research into this process, looking at analysis of the mechanism of CH4  displacement in nanopor- ous shale, the positive and negative effects accompanying its  use for  sequestration as  well as  organic extraction, the migration of elements and the swelling process, and the macro and micro control mech- anisms involved in  permeability enhancement in  reservoirs. Fruitful directions for  future research are also considered through  comparison with  hydraulic fracturing. The   research findings indicate that ScCO2  fluid replacement can  be used to increase gas  production and seal up  greenhouse gases as an effec- tive, clean and safe method of shale gas  exploitation. It is particularly effective for promoting the desorp- tion of CH4  in shale reservoirs that have developed fine  neck-wide body pores, and the subtle structural changes effected by ScCO2  fluid in sensitive minerals in reservoirs with a high brittle mineral content also have a positive effect on  permeability and storage capacity. The  adsorption process has been character- ized as consisting of three stages: short-term shrinkage, slow swelling, and stability; an  expansion equa- tion has been proposed for  CO2/CH4  that incorporates competitive adsorption, collision desorption, and impingement re-adsorption. ScCO2  fracturing has been found to be more effective than hydraulic fractur- ing  for  dense reservoirs and more effective at linking up  pore-micro-fissure-fracture systems.

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  1. Introduction

In 2016, the total production of shale gas in China was 78.82

۱۰۸ m3, up  from 44.71    ۱۰۸ m3 in 2015. As is clear from this large increases, these years have been a key  period of capacity growth. Shale  gas  exploration and development have been the subject of numerous recent studies, leading to an array of valuable new find- ings.  Studies into reservoir heterogeneity and nanopore character- istics have provided a deeper understanding of the characteristics of shale gas  occurrence, and shale gas  productivity investigations based on  reservoir energy have provided a  theoretical  basis for optimizing the mining process [1–۴]. Today,  the industry continues to focus research on enhancing the production capacity of shale gas operations. However, owing to  an  increasing need for energy sav- ings   and  emission reduction,  attention has   also   been directed towards potential coordination between  capacity enhancement and environmental protection measures. Studies have shown that

CO2  has  a better adsorption capacity than CH4, with the intriguing implication that, for  unconventional reservoirs dominated by adsorbed gas,  CO2  injection would be  a valuable method to  both promote the displacement and drainage of  CH4    and store free CO2. This offers considerable economic and environmental benefits [5–۸]. Based  on  the theory of CO2-dominant adsorption, we  have analyzed the  feasibility of  and problems associated with using supercritical CO2   (supercritical  carbon  dioxide, ScCO2)  in  shale gas exploitation from the perspective of CO2  adsorption/desorption and changes in  physical properties, summarizing the findings of recent research and considering future directions in this field.

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