‘‘Brick-topia’’, the thin-tile vaulted pavilion

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‘‘Brick-topia’’, the thin-tile vaulted pavilion

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‘‘Brick-topia’’, the thin-tile vaulted pavilion


The  project ‘‘Brick-topia’’ was based  on  a combination of the latest structural analysis and form-finding computational tools with traditional, cheap and effective construction tech- niques. It  is  the result of  innovation to fight against budget and time. The  initial budget was 3000 euros and only seven weeks was the time to look for  sponsors, design the pavilion, plan the construction phases and build it.

The  whole process of designing, decision on  the materials, structural analysis and con- struction is  presented in  the paper, including exploration on  new form-finding methods to redesign a  project in  situ and research on  a  new formwork system using scaffolding, cardboard, wire and steel rods and having a cutter as  main tool

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  1. Introduction

The international collective of architects Map13 (www.map13bcn.com), which the authors cofounded, won the contest to build a pavilion at the International Festival of Architecture Eme3,  to be held from the 27th to 30th of June 2013 in Barcelona, Spain. The building was  a vaulted unreinforced masonry structure made with the traditional technique of thin-tile vaulting (also known as ‘‘Catalan  vault’’). It reached a maximum height of 4 m, had spans between 5 and 7 m and the shell had a sur- face  of 150  m2 (Fig. 1).

‘‘Catalan  vaults’’  are  masonry structures made with bricks and binder. The bricks are  placed flat  setting up  two, three or more layers. Traditionally thin bricks – or thin tiles – are  used because of their lightness, which is a necessary condition to build the first layer ‘‘in space’’ (without a continuous formwork, Fig. 2) using gypsum or fast  setting cement. The aim  of using these binders for  the first layer is the quick adhesion achieved so that the bricks get  attached within seconds to  the edge walls or to  the previous arcs  or stable sections already finished, cantilevering for  some time and avoiding the necessity of centering [1].  The  second and subsequent layers can  be  set  with lime or Portland cement mortar.

The ‘‘Brick-topia’’ pavilion takes as reference and inspiration the prototype built by the Block Research Group at the ETH in Zürich [2], but ‘‘Brick-topia’’ is the first free-form ‘‘Catalan  vault’’ at such a scale. Increasing the size, opening it to the pub- lic and the constraints of time and budget, meant necessary innovation in the construction process, as well  as meticulous structural analysis. These aspects are presented in this paper, together with the materials used and the form-finding method.

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