Application of analytic hierarchy process in network level pavement maintenance decision-making

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Application of analytic hierarchy process in network level pavement maintenance decision-making

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Application of analytic hierarchy process in network level pavement maintenance decision-making


This paper proposes an Analytic Hierarchical Process (AHP) theory based method to determine the weight of the decision-making influence factors, considering their relative significance and generating an overall ranking for each road section. A case study on the highway network maintenance priority  was conducted to illustrate the proposed procedure. A total of five pavement maintenance decision-making  related factors were considered in the study, including  pavement performance, pavement structure strength, traffic loads, pavement age and road grade. The weightings of the five factors were quantified through AHP method. Then, the comprehensive ranking index value Ui was determined, which indicated the maintenance priority of a road section in network level decision-making. From the aspect of maintenance cost, the sensitivity analysis results were in accordance with the weightings of different maintenance decision-making factors. The pavement maintenance cost was significantly sensitive to the change of pavement performance. The case study clearly demonstrated the applicability  and rationality of the AHP theory based decision-making method and it can be used as a guideline for pavement maintenance agencies.

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  1. Introduction

Most of the highways  in Jiangsu Province  were built more than 10 years ago and distresses with various  types and severity levels have occurred on the pavement surface. With the development and expansion of highway network, more and more highways meet varying degrees of deterio- ration. Pavement maintenance, which aims to restore the safe and comfortable  riding for road users, has drawn more and more attentions of pavement maintenance engineers

[۱]. However, due to the limited annual maintenance bud- get [2] and  it is difficult to meet the demand of all the high- way pavement maintenance. Therefore, it is an important issue for highway agencies to optimize pavement mainte- nance strategy considering various factors [3].

Due to the lack of historical pavement condition and traffic data, and analysis methods, only limited findings on pavement maintenance decision-making  in china were attained. Nowadays,  highway  weight charge system has been extensively  used in China and comprehensive  axle loads data are available. Routine pavement performance survey is carried out by the highway management agency every year and the pavement condition  data have been recorded in the developed Pavement Management System (PMS) in  Jiangsu Province. Detailed information of

pavement  structure,  weather, environment,  traffic level, axle loads and pavement performance  detection are also included in the PMS. With those systematically collected pavement related data available, it is of great interests to incorporate all of those factors into pavement maintenance decision-making.

Network  level pavement maintenance decision-making

is to determine the maintenance priority  of road sections

in a highway network, considering the performance and

other characteristics of all the road sections. Therefore, it

is a multi-factor and multi-criteria problem [4]. Considered

factors include pavement structure, traffic loads, pavement

performance, pavement age and etc. Moreover, the mainte-

nance plan is based on multiple goals, which are often not

coordination  and even contradictory  [۵]. On one hand, var-

ious maintenance treatments were carried out to maintain

high level pavement performance to meet the requirement of road  users  [۶]; on the other hand, it is the goal of the pavement highway agencies to minimize pavement mainte-nance  costs [7]. With limited pavement maintenance bud-get, it is unlikely to meet the maintenance  requirementsof all road sections  [۸]. A scientific process is needed to rationally rank maintenance priority of all the road sec-tions according to specific criteria, including performance,

traffic volume, relative significance of road sections and etc.

Determining the weight of each item factor is the key to solve the problem in the decision-making process. It is dif-ficult to determine the weight of the factors, as the relation-ship  between   each   factor  is  qualitative.   Analytic Hierarchical Process (AHP) is a typical system engineeringmethod transforming qualitative analysis into quantitativeanalysis. It can effectively avoid the difficulties and deter-mine the weight of each factor, considering both quantita-tive and qualitative factors [9–۱۲]. It has been widely used to solve decision-making problem with complicated struc-ture, more decision criterion, and factors which are difficult to quantify. AHP method can help keep the consistency of the judging process, and it is widely used for determining the weight expressing the relative importance  of a set of alternatives on the basis of multiple criteria. In this study, AHP was selected to determine the weight of each factor, in order to get a comprehensive ranking index of the road sec-tions in network level pavement  maintenance  decision-making.

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