An analytical model for inelastic cyclic response of eccentrically braced frame with vertical shear link (V-EBF)

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An analytical model for inelastic cyclic response of eccentrically braced frame with vertical shear link (V-EBF)

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An analytical model for inelastic cyclic response of eccentrically braced frame with vertical shear link (V-EBF)


Eccentrically Braced Frames (EBFs) have a capability of energy dissipation relying on  hori- zontal link beams in main frame. Use of vertical link (V-EBF) enhances system performance; main frame damaged, easy replaces after earthquake, and it can be  rehabilitated minor changes of existing structure. This  paper describes experimental and analytical study of the V-EBF system. Experimental results showed that ultimate shear strength of  vertical link is more than two times of yielding strength. In analytical model, Kinematic-Isotropic strain hardening for  shear, and only Kinematic for  moment, showed accurate results with an upper bound for yielding surface to the vertical link.

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  1. Introduction

Eccentrically Braced Frames (EBFs) have been used as a seismic load resisting system, primarily in buildings. This system, which relies on  the yielding of a horizontal link  beam between eccentric braces, has  been shown to  provide ductility and energy dissipation under seismic loading, and its behavior in various configurations has  been investigated [1–۱۲]. Despite high seismic energy dissipation, Horizontal EBF (H-EBF) has  substantial disadvantages. In addition, in industrial structures such as power plants, deep beams are  sometimes used to carry heavy loads and highly sensitive equipment. In these cases, to ensure that equipment works accuracy, load-bearing members such as beams and columns should remain in the elastic range as much as possible. Therefore, the use of horizontal link beams is not convenient. To overcome the problems in the EBF system, a new system called V-EBF (Vertical-EBF) was proposed [13].  In this system, reversed-V braces are  attached to the beam with a shear panel. Intensive inelastic deformations are localized in the shear panel and the internal energy is dissipated by this member. Since  all inelastic deformation is localized in the shear panel, there is no  damage to  the main members, also  repairing after a strong earthquake is easier than H-EBF systems. Using the vertical links for seismic rehabilitation of the existing buildings is possible with minor changes in the main structure [14,15]. The Shear Panel System (SPS) is one of the simplest and cheapest passive energy dampers. The seismic performance improvement of bridges and towers with SPS systems was investigated [16–۱۹]. Because of the effect of the shear panel on the behavior of V-EBF braces as a lateral load resisting system, improvement of shear panel performance is very important. Several studies have been conducted on this

system to prevent buckling the brace [20,21]. The results showed that with proper design, out-of-buckling do not occur in the vertical links of V-EBF systems.

In the present study, the cyclic  behavior of the V-EBF system was evaluated experimentally and theoretically. Desir- able performance of link  beam in shear yielding (short link) than bending yielding has  been shown in previous reports by researches, therefore, the short link  without out-of-plane buckling are  evaluated. Mathematical models are  formulated to predict elastic and inelastic behavior. Also, adequate suggestions are presented to design of the V-EBF based on experimental results. Also, the presented suggestion are  calibrated by numerical results.

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